Interested in becoming a volunteer for Jasper County CASA?

You can Change a Child’s Story.

By volunteering with Jasper County CASA, you will be assigned to review a child’s abuse or neglect case and spend time conducting interviews with many individuals from that child’s life. You will be tasked with determining the best path for the child by providing fact-based recommendations to the judge involved with the case.

The most important aspect of volunteering with CASA is remaining a solid part of the child’s life throughout their case.  The goal is always to find the best permanent home for the child, but the time spent during the case is a maze of complexities, making your steady involvement vital.

Can I volunteer?

If you meet the following requirements, you could be eligible to volunteer!

  • at least 21 years old
  • high school graduate or equivalent
  • have ability to communicate clearly
  • must attend 30-hour National CASA training curriculum
  • be willing, and able, to stay within the volunteer program until your first assigned case is closed
  • be willing, and able, to participate in interviews, provide a list of references and complete background checks
  • appear in child’s case meetings and court (with notice)
  • write court reports to the court

Interested in learning more about Jasper County CASA?

Please visit our Contact Information page HERE, or fill out and submit the form below to have someone reach out to you soon. Thanks!