Change A Child’s Story.™

Children right here in Jasper County need adults

just like YOU to show up and speak up for them.

You can Change a Child’s Story.

Change A Child’s Story.™

Children right here in Jasper County need adults just like YOU to show up and speak up for them. You can Change a Child’s Story.

ONE stable RELATIONSHIP with ONE supportive ADULT can HELP a CHILD who has experienced abuse and neglect to HEAL the past and build a healthier future.

YOU can be a CASA, too!

There is no volunteer experience like being a CASA to a child in need. We recruit volunteers just like YOU, spend five weeks training them, a judge appoints them to a case, and they begin to immediately make a difference in a child’s life.

You can Change a Child’s Story

Jasper County CASA empowers volunteers from our community to serve as advocates for children navigating the chaos of the foster care system. Our volunteers ensure that a child’s physical and emotional health is provided for in a safe and loving home environment.

The children supported by CASA have been abused, neglected, or abandoned. These children need a strong voice in their corner to ensure their needs are being met, and also to walk with them through the process of finding a forever home.

Donating to CASA supports our mission, and our CASA kids. It ensures that we can continue to provide trained volunteers to serve children in foster care here in our community. It helps us provide supervisors to guide our volunteers throughout the process. And it gives our CASA kids a home where they can visit in a safe and secure homelike environment.

Our Mission & History

Jasper County CASA’s mission is to provide trained community volunteers to advocate for abused and neglected children.  We want to ensure that every child receives the best possible chance at a safe, permanent home.

CASA volunteers make a difference.  Children who have a CASA volunteer on their side spend less time in the foster care system.

Events & Training

Visit our calendar to see our upcoming events.

Volunteers attend initial training sessions (a 30-hour training curriculum before being assigned their first case) which are held throughout the year. Both day and evening classes are available. Volunteers are also required to completed 12 hours of education annually.

Special events are held throughout the year to help raise community awareness and funds for our local children in need.

Additionally, you can listen to the National CASA Association‘s podcasts here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jasper County CASA?

A nonprofit, private, organization dedicated to recruiting, training, and supporting volunteers who advocate for children in Jasper County who have experienced abuse or neglect.

What does volunteering entail?

A Court Appointed Special Advocate is a regular citizen who is specially trained and appointed by the Juvenile Court Judge to represent a child who has experienced neglect and/or abuse.

How long does a volunteer work on a case?

Each volunteer makes a commitment to remain on a case until the case is closed through reunification with a family member or kinship connection, adoption/guardianship, or “aging out” of the system.

What training is involved for a volunteer?

Volunteers will complete a 30-hour training curriculum provided by the National CASA Association.

How do I volunteer?

Visit here to review our volunteer requirements and sign up to become a volunteer.

How many cases will I have at one time?

Our volunteers typically follow one case (one child or sibling group), but it is possible to have two cases.

Does being a Court Appointed Special Advocate make an impact?

Yes! Children with a Court Appointed Special Advocate by their side spend an average of one year less in the foster care system than those without.

I can't volunteer. Are there other ways for me to help?

Of course! You can help raise awareness within your friend/family circles.

You can also support Jasper County CASA through a donation to ensure that we can maintain our growing volunteer community and can continue to serve the children in our community.

Interested in learning more about Jasper County CASA?

Please visit our Contact Information page HERE, or fill out and submit the form below to have someone reach out to you soon. Thanks!