Debi Koelkebeck Jasper County CASA

Debi Koelkebeck

Executive Director – She/Her/Hers

Debi Koelkebeck is the co-founder and Executive Director of Jasper County CASA. Debi worked to start Jasper County CASA after volunteering as a CASA in Newton County and realizing the need for a CASA program in Jasper County. Debi has volunteered as the full-time Executive Director since January 2019. Debi has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree and is a CPA.

Chelsi Scott Jasper County CASA

Chelsi Scott

Program Manager – She/Her/Hers

Chelsi Scott has been with Jasper County CASA since September of 2019. Chelsi has her Bachelor’s in Social Work and General Christian Ministry, and is currently getting her Master’s in Social Work.

Michelle Dixon

Volunteer Coordinator – She/Her/Hers

Michelle Dixon has been with Jasper County CASA since October of 2021. Michelle has her Bachelor’s in Sociology.

Alana Hickman Jasper County CASA

Alana Hickman

Volunteer Coordinator – She/Her/Hers

Alana Hickman has been with Jasper County CASA since February of 2020. She has her Master’s in Social Work.

Erin Smith Jasper County Casa

Erin Smith

Volunteer Coordinator – She/Her/Hers

Erin Smith has been with Jasper County CASA since July of 2020. Erin has her Master’s in Business Administration.

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